Thursday, February 24, 2011

Off to the state of Kerala, India.

In about 4 hours I will be in a train travelling to the state of Kerala, and the journey will last about 15 hours from where I am, Bangalore. I will have meetings from Saturday to Monday and on Tuesday I fly out to Mumbai.

The flight into India was so good. Meetings started on the same day I arrived here in Karnataka. From Karnataka we moved on to the state of Andhra Pradesh. Very long journeys by road. The first two meetings were at Hindu strongholds controlled by the BJP, and the pastors kept reminding me of the security situation. Thank God we were protected and I had a lot of people from the 'backward' castes of India come forwards for prayers. There were tears of joy on many faces. Others cried because of the heavy problems they had in their lives with no one to help or go to. Believe me - the meeting which began about 8pm went till almost midnight the first day. I continued praying after ministering the Word till 12.20am the second day.  God gave me the strength and so many people wanted to be personally prayed for. It was a great joy to lay hands on the sick and needy, and to lift them up before the throne of God. Then followed the two days of the pastors conference. Over 300 pastors from the states of Andhra and Karnataka participated at the conference. I spoke in all four sessions each day; never got tired and I was energized in the spirit. Pastors were challenged and motivated and so many personally thanked me for the teachings and inspiration. I have already been 'booked' for a major conference in 2012. All the glory to our Father in heaven.
There were challenges  : the village was so primitive. People looked like they were living in the 17th century. Most people were very illiterate. The only thing that bothered me were the hygienic conditions. Breakfast on the last day, yesterday, was in the most terrible place I could imagine. The man was serving food with his dirty hands to every person. I gulped in the food. But a look into the kitchen brought the food back to my mouth. While cooking, the man was also cleaning his teeth with his fingers. Then the inevitable happened. He spat on the floor - unbelievable  and horrific. I gave myself over 15 minutes to see if my body reacted in any negative way. Thank God, so far - so good. Please do not forget to pray for me.
Love you all.

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