Saturday, January 15, 2011

Free medical camps.

13th January: Our guests - Dr.Schmitt, Randy Varain, and Erin arrived safe in Nairobi. Pastor Andrew and I were at the airport to receive them. It is a great joy to have them with us. Arrived at the guest house about 11.30pm from the airport. It must have been 1am when we went to bed.
The ICCM team and the medical staff arrived in Mlolongo from Eldoret - a seven hour journey by road. 

14th January : The medical camp at Mlolongo commenced. The area is extremely hot, dusty, and dirty. The river is completely dry. 269 people were treated; 150 committed themselves to Christ; 53 were counseled for HIV. There is a lot of excitement.
Earlier in the morning we had a 'thought' from Psalms 23, and we all prayed. After the camp was done for the day we had meetings with the teams. Shared the Word from 1st John :3, and we prayed together. We were all very tired.
At the guest house : Had a good dinner. Later in his room, when Dr. Schmitt put on the switch for hot water, the 'instant' heater 'exploded'. All the wires were burned and the doctor had to have a cold shower.

On my part I made sure that all three were safe and well. I had a fight with mosquitoes !!
We are all in the same 'spirit'; and getting along so smoothly/happily. I thank God for the three from the USA - just wonderful people with humility, love, and a zeal to serve.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

The week !

The week went by fast. I had many meetings with the ICCM team, and the program for the free medical camps are set. We have all the government permits. The team from the USA will arrive on the 13th and we have booked/reserved rooms in Nairobi at a very safe and clean guest house. (For safety reasons I will not mention names of guest houses or hotels).
Yesterday, Friday, I walked long distances from town to seek help with medicines.  The team traveled to confirm the program and to see pastors. Ravi, our administrator at the clinic, is busy packing medicines together with the medical staff.
I have received a few very encouraging e-mails from friends in PA. Communication with family and friends provide extra joy and energy in my case. On Sunday I will minister the Word at the ICCM Fellowship in Eldoret town. Funds for the car is coming in and you can be a partner in blessing us here.
Though windy and dusty, heavy clouds are building up over Eldoret. In my prayers I have been mentioning you before the Lord.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Safe in Kenya !

The flight was good. Arrived in Nairobi on the 30th of December 2010. 31st evening was interesting- the streets of Nairobi were filled with people. At about midnight the taxis hooted, people screamed, danced, and shouted with joy. Displays of fireworks filled the sky, and I was watching all these from my hotel window. Churches were overflowing with people; and there was a broadcast over the television networks of worship and praises in the open grounds and at the Kenyatta Conference Center. Most of the participants were young teenagers/adults. Very encouraging to see the thousands of young people coming to God in worship to welcome the New Year.
On Sunday the 2nd of January 2011, I was privileged to share the Word at the Mlolongo ICCM church. Traveled by matatu (Kenyan Taxi) on Monday morning to Eldoret. The driver was "flying" on the good road. (The roads were repaired some months ago.)  In Eldoret I was welcomed by the team. We have already had some meetings, and today, Tuesday, we had our first 'home-cell' in the year 2011.

Still trusting God to buy a car/van for use in the ministry. It is a necessity, something I had postponed for the last few years. Donations are welcome.
Blessings and much love.