Tuesday, December 15, 2020


It's shopping time for many ; Christmas in our culture and time normally centers around Santa, the Christmas trees, the colorful lights, gifts and exchange of gifts, fun and food, and family gatherings. For some it is a getaway time from normal life. There are yet those who are very lonely and depressed too; those without food, no gifts, no homes; and with none to practically pour out the love of God on them.

I would like to bring our thoughts to Mary (Luke 1:26 - 38) the mother of Jesus, our Lord and Savior. ( Read this portion of scripture to your kids and grandkids. In so doing, you are planting a seed in their hearts and minds.)
Mary's background wasn't that great - poor, young, ordinary, a hard working peasant, not gone to college and probably not even to school; from a little known village called Nazareth in Galilee. She was engaged to be married at her young age.
Eastern cultures are different and I am sure that life couldn't have been the best for her. Life isn't comfortable; 'hardship' and 'neglect' could have been her closest companions (apart from her relationship with Yahweh).
But here are some noteworthy things about Mary:
1. She was brought up in the fear of Yahweh, and she knew the prophecies concerning the coming Messiah. She was taught from the Scriptures.
2. She spent time at the synagogue and was a worshipper of God.
3. She was a virgin; no flirting around, and kept her body as the 'Temple of Yahweh', pure and holy.
4. She must have had simple pure faith in God. When the angel appeared to her, she submitted freely to the will of God.
Much more can be said but let me take us closer to some thoughts:
Couldn't God have chosen a princess of royal blood for His eternal purpose ?
Couldn't God have chosen someone from a wealthy affluent family of that time ?
Couldn't God have chosen some lady who was so highly educated, and popular ?
Couldn't God have given Mary a better place to birth her baby ?
He could have ! But He chose the weak things, the things considered foolish/silly in human wisdom to unfold His plan for the redemption of mankind.
Wasn't it a silly idea to choose uneducated smelly fishermen to be the messengers of God to the world ? That's how the world thinks!
And haven't these men made the wise to look stupid/foolish ? Have they not influenced the world in making it a better place; have they not influenced the character and destiny of humanity ? Haven't they been pointers to Eternal Life, salvation through Jesus Christ ? The wisdom of the wise couldn't do that, neither the strength of the mighty !
Don't be disappointed because of your status, or lack of education or beauty, or power, or of your family or financial background. God has a plan for you and if you are obedient God will accomplish that which concerns you and your life. Don't give up. His ways are different and much higher than man's ways. God did have a plan for this young lady, Mary. God did have a plan for fishermen like Peter, John, Andrew, James and the others.
In closing I would like to suggest; read 1 Corinthians 1: 27 -28.
" Instead, God chose things the world considers foolish in order to shame those who think they are wise. And he chose things that are powerless to shame those who are powerful. God chose things despised by the world, things counted as nothing at all, and used them to bring to nothing what the world considers important." (NLT)
God bless you all. Take care and be safe.
Pastor O.M. Panicker

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Still in India !

The experience in Karnataka state is not easy to describe. All pastors at the conference were from different villages and I had a marathon conference, teaching seven hours per day for three continuous days. We did have beautiful moments of worship and prayers. God took me through from the inspiration of Scripture, to inner purity of the leader; and onwards to the prayer life of a leader; and to family life of the leader and so much more.   The pastors and their wives were so grateful; and many came forwards and confessed that their lives were changed and a new vision had been birthed in them. Some confessed, "We have many pastors but not a spiritual father like you". I was so humbled and in the silence of my prayers I cried. I realized how big of a ministry God had placed in my hands. Fire burned through me when I thought of the great responsibility and trust God had placed in my hands.
This time we stayed with Catholic nuns in clean, well maintained rooms(separate from the nuns) and we were so well cared, respected and loved. I personally do admire the sacrifices made by the Catholics in the most remote parts of the world and in India.
The open-air crusade  was held in the village of Mudalgi, about two hundred and fifty kilometers out of Bangalore city. It was a long, very long, never-ending ride. The driver was not sure of the road and we went through a lot of forest and very rough roads. We saw lots of 'rhesus' monkeys along the way. It was a joy when we finally arrived. The whole village had gathered to hear the Word. The crowd were a mix of Christians, many new converts , and many Hindus. Hindu political leaders were present on stage and one was at one time a great opponent of the Christian faith. The night was dark and cold with winds blowing, but the crowds stayed till the very end and it was about 10.30pm when the meeting finished. The Holy Spirit annointing was so great and many hundreds gave their lives to the Lord. Hands were lifted up all over the open field when I made the altar call. Many others came forwards for prayers; some in tears.
The ride back was once more rough and hours later in bed I could feel the fatigue and all my muscles ache. But I was overwhelmed by the joy of the Lord and very thankful to minister in this remote village in India. My translator was overtaken by the power of the Word and he was caught up in total silence after the meeting.
Right now I am in the city of Hyderabad after a twelve hour ride by train. Got up with a muscle cramp on my back and I have not been able to walk straight today. Hmmm - Isn't it awful !!!
Pray much for me as I continue with the ministry here in India.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

In India - January 2012

I have been so busy with the meetings and it has not been easy to get to a cyber cafe. Sorry about that.
My flight from Philadelphia was delayed by three hours(2nd January 2012). There was a a computer problem with the plane. In London we were delayed for ten hours and there were lines of people waiting to reschedule their flights.
Finally I arrived in Delhi and there was another delay. After about an hour on the runway we were told that the flight was cancelled. The good Lord put some 'joy' and wisdom into my head and I did as the Lord directed me. After we came out of the plane and picked our luggage I approached a stranded traveller and said 'Could we hire a taxi to Chandigarh and share the costs'. He did agree but we needed four more to fill the taxi (a minivan sort of vehicle). I walked straight to a stranded group of Chinese travellers and they were exactly four. They did not understand English; finally with a little broken English and handsigns I convinced them to join us in the ride. It all worked out well and the six hour ride from Delhi to Chandigarh took us through very heavy rains. Thank God for the wisdom and for his guidance that I was in Chandigarh for the meetings that began on the 5th of January. This trip was probably the most interesting in terms of the delays. Oops I forgot - the delay began in Quarryville when we were just getting out of the house to go to the airport. The keys to our Honda mysteriously went missing and it took us over twenty minutes to finally trace it !!!!
Sorry I have to cut short at this point. Will come back. The meetings in Punjab were really blessed and right now I am in a village in Karnataka. Not very accessible to computer services.
Keep me in your prayers. Love you all.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Back in Kenya !

This is the ninth day since my arrival in Kenya on the 18th of June 2011. Every day has been busy and I give honor and glory to the Lord. My flight from Philadelphia through London to Nairobi was good. There was a group of teenagers accompanied by their youth pastor and two other 
men in the plane from a church in Tennessee. One of the young ladies sat beside me and we had a beautiful conversation. This group were on their way to a place in the south of Kenya and I did have the opportunity to teach this lady a few words in the Swahili language of Kenya. She has a great passion for souls and I am amazed by a new generation of young people emerging in the sharing of Christ's love to the nations.
My coming to Kenya has turned out to be a big blessing to the ministry. I have had several meetings with the team in the past few days and I am impressed by the zeal and commitment of the ICCM team. I am also impressed by the respect all team members have for one another. The ministry is encouraged and so happy to have me back so soon. I have been involved in teaching at the School of Ministry and I spend a lot of my time in preparations for the lessons and in the classroom. At present I am teaching on Eastern Religions and focussed on Islam and Hinduism; and on evangelism to these groups of peoples.
Tomorrow, Monday the 27th, we are hosting a meeting with the pastors of Eldoret town. I will talk more on pastoral roles and responsibilities; and impart more the spirit of unity and co-operative work within the body. We will also focus on our activities for 2012 and draw out plans for a 'Praise and worship celebration' with pastor Brett Rush and Dawn Rush in January of 2012.
Our free medical camps in 2012 will be held in the month of February and the team is already in the process of praying.
Its been raining heavily and on my way back from the Mercy Health center, tons of hailstones, the size of marbles, hit the car with deafening noise. The roads were flooded and this time of the year rain and mud are part of the life in Eldoret. The temperatures have gone down to the thirties in Eldoret.
On Tuesday I will, together with the team visit the Little Roses Nursery School and we shall also be having a special meeting with the chairman of the ICCM board in Kenya.
On Wednesday, the 29th I will travel to Nairobi, fly out to Dubai and meet up with my wife Mercy on our way to India. I am in constant contact with my wife over the phone. Thank God for the communications system. Talking to Mercy and hearing her voice is a special joy to me. We shall be back in the USA on the 15th of July. Please remember to pray for us.
ICCM Project

The Mercy Health center needs to be expanded. We have lots of patients that need special care and we plan to put up wards for women, children, and men. It will be a heavy financial undertaking. In the past few days I have seen several people given intravenous quinine for severe malaria at our clinic. These patients need to be on bed as the treatment progresses. Women have come for childbirth and we need the facility for the poor people in the village. We have drawn the plan and marked out the land for the construction. We need an initial $20,000.00 to commence the work.  Please join us in prayers in this great task.

We are very grateful for your prayers and love. Its been a joy having you with us in ministry to Africa and India. Thank you for loving us; thank you for loving ICCM.

In my meditations this day I have been looking at the 2nd chapter in the book of Revelations. Verse 7 talks of the reward for the overcomers : "to eat of the tree of Life which is in the midst of the paradise of God". Eating of the tree of life will enable us to live with God forever. Isn't it great ? God has given us the ability to overcome the temptations and the attacks of the devil by the blood of Jesus Christ. I want to eat of the Tree of Life; and we all want to eat of the Tree of Life and live with God forever.  We want to continue loving Him with our first love; and serve Him with all our hearts.

God bless you very much.
Lots of love from Eldoret, Kenya.
O.M./Pastor Panicker/Joy

Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Greetings !

Every year at this time we see articles on the internet and on magazines/newspapers questioning the authenticity of Jesus' resurrection. Yesterday I was watching a science program - scientists were trying to explain away the ten plagues in the days of Moses scientifically; as if those plagues could have happened naturally, not necessarily from God .
Don't we live at a time when the world questions 'TRUTH' - truth that has historical and archeological evidence. Isn't it a time when more confusion  and lies breed through the media. (Some day similar questions might arise, like, did Abraham Lincoln really exist ? Hmmm, was George Washington real ??) Haters of God and haters of 'good' seem to have an upper hand in every sphere of society. They seem to influence the thoughts of the common man, and steer the direction forwards.

This is the 'Easter' season. Lets get back to the REAL TRUTH. JESUS is the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE.
Jesus died on the cross, he was buried, and he resurrected on the third day according to the Scriptures. This is the truth. He ascended to heaven, and he continues to live on in the hearts of those who believe in him as the Son of God.

The way of the cross may not be an easy one. But we have the assurance of our destination.
On the road that leads to everlasting life is Jesus himself - walking with you and holding you up in his marvelous love. He is with you every step along the way.

Happy Resurrection Sunday.

We love you and we pray for you.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Back home to my family and friends !

Away from home for three months and the days flew by. I look back and God has favored me so much in this trip and He has remained faithful. I have been to the poorest and most unhygienic places and the blood of Jesus kept me safe from any sickness or disease. In places with problems of insecurity He watched over me. All glory to the Lord.

Yesterday, the 18th of March was a very interesting and fulfilling day in the city of Nairobi. One of my Hindu friends visited me and we spend about three hours together. He had so many questions - we sat at the lobby of the hotel. Interesting questions that needed attention and answers.
1. My contract ends in April and I need to get another job. What can I do - should I get back to India ?
2. I want to get married, but I have no girlfriends ? I don't know how to make friends ?( he is now 32years old).
3. There were some people who hurt me years back - I want to take revenge on them. I am angry with them. Is that okay ? Is that a sin ?
4. I have sexual feelings - Is it okay for me to get involved with a girl out there ?
5. If I don't get married and I have those feelings, can I have sex with anybody to satisfy my feelings ?
6. Is anything wrong - is it a sin to watch porn on the internet ?
7. If I get married, is anything wrong for me to watch porn on the internet ? I am married then !!
8. If I pray to Jesus will He hear me ? I have many needs and I don't have any peace.
9. Have you seen Jesus in your life ?
10. I want to pray to Krishna and to Jesus - I will give Krishna about 20 minutes and a few minutes to Jesus everyday. It is better for me to pray to more gods because somebody will hear me. What is wrong with that - ?
11. Your friend in the wheelchair with the crippled legs - he is always so happy - is it because of Jesus ? How can that happen ?

He had a lot of questions ?

After I spoke with him and explained matters, he finally tells me - please pray for me. He was on his knees and with all sincerity he accepted the prayers and Jesus. He then told me that he felt a peace in his heart. He went away so happy and satisfied having heard all the answers. I did advice him to keep himself pure. Sex outside marriage was sin and God hated it. I told him that porn manipulated the mind and he would lack concentration in his work, and loose purpose in life.  If he got married  and got into the habit of watching porn, his marriage would be a disaster !
You cannot pray to several gods because you CANNOT serve two masters. He stood amazed at the answers and suggestions I had given him. There was no way he could challenge the truths in the Bible.
Yes I asked God to bring a woman into his life to be his wife; I also gave him suggestions on how to approach a lady and win her over and to be good friends; and on how to behave with the opposite sex.  It was all an interesting talk and I enjoyed my time with him. All glory to the Lord.

In the evening I was invited by one of our Islamic converts for dinner. She had prepared an elaborate dinner with salads and there was ice-cream and cake. Before dinner I spend about two hours with her giving her counsel from the Word of God. She has been enriched in the presence of God. While at dinner I called up my wife Mercy to talk to her. It was such a joy.

Well, in the next few hours I will be at the Jomo Kenyatta International airport in Nairobi for my flight. I have missed my family and my friends for a long time. I have missed my church Shiloh.  I will be communicating with you after my arrival and it may take about two weeks before I actually do anything. Just worn out - all my muscles aching - my eyes kind of sleepy - hot flashes (wonder if this is normal for a man !!) all over my body ! BUT I am very thankful to the Lord and I am so happy that God was glorified in all that was done in the past three months. I am coming home as a victorious soldier from the battleground. Thank you for praying, and thank you for loving me. Jesus is Lord indeed.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

God's greatness !

This is the last stretch of my journey which began in December of 2010. Two months in Kenya; the free medical camps; almost four weeks in India, and finally back in Kenya. India was fantastic; and so were the meetings in Kenya.
I was most blessed in that the Lord was holding my hands all the way and I did witness the glory of God. In the state of Punjab in India, in a place called Ludhiana I prayed for a lot of people after the ministry of the Word. People were so hungry and many in the crowd were from Hindu families - non-Christians. Finally a special group came up in front for prayers - all women. Through my translator I heard of their problems. These were women who had problems in conceiving; some had blocked fallopian tubes; others were infertile; and there were those with feminine issues. The presence of the Holy Spirit was so mighty in our midst. I called up a young lady of 19yrs., a believer who lived a pure life to stand together with me as I prayed. She was a lady of great faith and had been following me in all my meetings in Punjab. Her face was radiant and she confessed that she had been blessed so much and had learned a lot in the meetings. She was a convert from the Sikh religion.

I needed some help from her as I prayed for the women - I needed her to lay her hands, on my behalf, on the womb of each woman as I prayed for them. This she did with a lot of reverence. I prayed short specific prayers and in most cases breaking curses from the lives of these women in the name of Jesus. I did sincerely ask the Lord to have mercy and to open the wombs of these women. Honestly I felt nothing supernatural except that the Lord's presence was so mightily felt in our midst.

At the end of the prayers, one lady who was a medical doctor, came up to me and said that she had felt a lot of warmth in her womb while I prayed. A special 'heat'  filled her womb - something burning but pleasant.  Just then, the young lady who placed her hands said that she felt 'a kick' from the womb as I prayed. One after another all the other ladies gave the same testimony. A warmth - a heat - ; and the young lady felt that 'kick' from the womb of every woman in her hands.  I stood amazed and I began to praise the Lord.
This was a very special experience and I meditated about it in my heart giving glory to the Lord.

I am in Kenya now and the young lady has called me to say that many of the women had communicated with her to say that they are now pregnant. With God all things are possible. I long to get back to Punjab next year to see the wonderful miracles, the beautiful little babies. All glory and honor to the King of kings and the Lord of lords.

I fly out of Kenya on the 19th and I arrive home in Quarryville on the 20th. Please keep me in your prayers. I will be sending you pictures after my arrival in the USA. Thank you so much for being with me in this journey.

Love you all.