Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Still in India !

The experience in Karnataka state is not easy to describe. All pastors at the conference were from different villages and I had a marathon conference, teaching seven hours per day for three continuous days. We did have beautiful moments of worship and prayers. God took me through from the inspiration of Scripture, to inner purity of the leader; and onwards to the prayer life of a leader; and to family life of the leader and so much more.   The pastors and their wives were so grateful; and many came forwards and confessed that their lives were changed and a new vision had been birthed in them. Some confessed, "We have many pastors but not a spiritual father like you". I was so humbled and in the silence of my prayers I cried. I realized how big of a ministry God had placed in my hands. Fire burned through me when I thought of the great responsibility and trust God had placed in my hands.
This time we stayed with Catholic nuns in clean, well maintained rooms(separate from the nuns) and we were so well cared, respected and loved. I personally do admire the sacrifices made by the Catholics in the most remote parts of the world and in India.
The open-air crusade  was held in the village of Mudalgi, about two hundred and fifty kilometers out of Bangalore city. It was a long, very long, never-ending ride. The driver was not sure of the road and we went through a lot of forest and very rough roads. We saw lots of 'rhesus' monkeys along the way. It was a joy when we finally arrived. The whole village had gathered to hear the Word. The crowd were a mix of Christians, many new converts , and many Hindus. Hindu political leaders were present on stage and one was at one time a great opponent of the Christian faith. The night was dark and cold with winds blowing, but the crowds stayed till the very end and it was about 10.30pm when the meeting finished. The Holy Spirit annointing was so great and many hundreds gave their lives to the Lord. Hands were lifted up all over the open field when I made the altar call. Many others came forwards for prayers; some in tears.
The ride back was once more rough and hours later in bed I could feel the fatigue and all my muscles ache. But I was overwhelmed by the joy of the Lord and very thankful to minister in this remote village in India. My translator was overtaken by the power of the Word and he was caught up in total silence after the meeting.
Right now I am in the city of Hyderabad after a twelve hour ride by train. Got up with a muscle cramp on my back and I have not been able to walk straight today. Hmmm - Isn't it awful !!!
Pray much for me as I continue with the ministry here in India.

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