Sunday, June 26, 2011

Back in Kenya !

This is the ninth day since my arrival in Kenya on the 18th of June 2011. Every day has been busy and I give honor and glory to the Lord. My flight from Philadelphia through London to Nairobi was good. There was a group of teenagers accompanied by their youth pastor and two other 
men in the plane from a church in Tennessee. One of the young ladies sat beside me and we had a beautiful conversation. This group were on their way to a place in the south of Kenya and I did have the opportunity to teach this lady a few words in the Swahili language of Kenya. She has a great passion for souls and I am amazed by a new generation of young people emerging in the sharing of Christ's love to the nations.
My coming to Kenya has turned out to be a big blessing to the ministry. I have had several meetings with the team in the past few days and I am impressed by the zeal and commitment of the ICCM team. I am also impressed by the respect all team members have for one another. The ministry is encouraged and so happy to have me back so soon. I have been involved in teaching at the School of Ministry and I spend a lot of my time in preparations for the lessons and in the classroom. At present I am teaching on Eastern Religions and focussed on Islam and Hinduism; and on evangelism to these groups of peoples.
Tomorrow, Monday the 27th, we are hosting a meeting with the pastors of Eldoret town. I will talk more on pastoral roles and responsibilities; and impart more the spirit of unity and co-operative work within the body. We will also focus on our activities for 2012 and draw out plans for a 'Praise and worship celebration' with pastor Brett Rush and Dawn Rush in January of 2012.
Our free medical camps in 2012 will be held in the month of February and the team is already in the process of praying.
Its been raining heavily and on my way back from the Mercy Health center, tons of hailstones, the size of marbles, hit the car with deafening noise. The roads were flooded and this time of the year rain and mud are part of the life in Eldoret. The temperatures have gone down to the thirties in Eldoret.
On Tuesday I will, together with the team visit the Little Roses Nursery School and we shall also be having a special meeting with the chairman of the ICCM board in Kenya.
On Wednesday, the 29th I will travel to Nairobi, fly out to Dubai and meet up with my wife Mercy on our way to India. I am in constant contact with my wife over the phone. Thank God for the communications system. Talking to Mercy and hearing her voice is a special joy to me. We shall be back in the USA on the 15th of July. Please remember to pray for us.
ICCM Project

The Mercy Health center needs to be expanded. We have lots of patients that need special care and we plan to put up wards for women, children, and men. It will be a heavy financial undertaking. In the past few days I have seen several people given intravenous quinine for severe malaria at our clinic. These patients need to be on bed as the treatment progresses. Women have come for childbirth and we need the facility for the poor people in the village. We have drawn the plan and marked out the land for the construction. We need an initial $20,000.00 to commence the work.  Please join us in prayers in this great task.

We are very grateful for your prayers and love. Its been a joy having you with us in ministry to Africa and India. Thank you for loving us; thank you for loving ICCM.

In my meditations this day I have been looking at the 2nd chapter in the book of Revelations. Verse 7 talks of the reward for the overcomers : "to eat of the tree of Life which is in the midst of the paradise of God". Eating of the tree of life will enable us to live with God forever. Isn't it great ? God has given us the ability to overcome the temptations and the attacks of the devil by the blood of Jesus Christ. I want to eat of the Tree of Life; and we all want to eat of the Tree of Life and live with God forever.  We want to continue loving Him with our first love; and serve Him with all our hearts.

God bless you very much.
Lots of love from Eldoret, Kenya.
O.M./Pastor Panicker/Joy