Wednesday, January 11, 2012

In India - January 2012

I have been so busy with the meetings and it has not been easy to get to a cyber cafe. Sorry about that.
My flight from Philadelphia was delayed by three hours(2nd January 2012). There was a a computer problem with the plane. In London we were delayed for ten hours and there were lines of people waiting to reschedule their flights.
Finally I arrived in Delhi and there was another delay. After about an hour on the runway we were told that the flight was cancelled. The good Lord put some 'joy' and wisdom into my head and I did as the Lord directed me. After we came out of the plane and picked our luggage I approached a stranded traveller and said 'Could we hire a taxi to Chandigarh and share the costs'. He did agree but we needed four more to fill the taxi (a minivan sort of vehicle). I walked straight to a stranded group of Chinese travellers and they were exactly four. They did not understand English; finally with a little broken English and handsigns I convinced them to join us in the ride. It all worked out well and the six hour ride from Delhi to Chandigarh took us through very heavy rains. Thank God for the wisdom and for his guidance that I was in Chandigarh for the meetings that began on the 5th of January. This trip was probably the most interesting in terms of the delays. Oops I forgot - the delay began in Quarryville when we were just getting out of the house to go to the airport. The keys to our Honda mysteriously went missing and it took us over twenty minutes to finally trace it !!!!
Sorry I have to cut short at this point. Will come back. The meetings in Punjab were really blessed and right now I am in a village in Karnataka. Not very accessible to computer services.
Keep me in your prayers. Love you all.

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