Tuesday, March 15, 2011

God's greatness !

This is the last stretch of my journey which began in December of 2010. Two months in Kenya; the free medical camps; almost four weeks in India, and finally back in Kenya. India was fantastic; and so were the meetings in Kenya.
I was most blessed in that the Lord was holding my hands all the way and I did witness the glory of God. In the state of Punjab in India, in a place called Ludhiana I prayed for a lot of people after the ministry of the Word. People were so hungry and many in the crowd were from Hindu families - non-Christians. Finally a special group came up in front for prayers - all women. Through my translator I heard of their problems. These were women who had problems in conceiving; some had blocked fallopian tubes; others were infertile; and there were those with feminine issues. The presence of the Holy Spirit was so mighty in our midst. I called up a young lady of 19yrs., a believer who lived a pure life to stand together with me as I prayed. She was a lady of great faith and had been following me in all my meetings in Punjab. Her face was radiant and she confessed that she had been blessed so much and had learned a lot in the meetings. She was a convert from the Sikh religion.

I needed some help from her as I prayed for the women - I needed her to lay her hands, on my behalf, on the womb of each woman as I prayed for them. This she did with a lot of reverence. I prayed short specific prayers and in most cases breaking curses from the lives of these women in the name of Jesus. I did sincerely ask the Lord to have mercy and to open the wombs of these women. Honestly I felt nothing supernatural except that the Lord's presence was so mightily felt in our midst.

At the end of the prayers, one lady who was a medical doctor, came up to me and said that she had felt a lot of warmth in her womb while I prayed. A special 'heat'  filled her womb - something burning but pleasant.  Just then, the young lady who placed her hands said that she felt 'a kick' from the womb as I prayed. One after another all the other ladies gave the same testimony. A warmth - a heat - ; and the young lady felt that 'kick' from the womb of every woman in her hands.  I stood amazed and I began to praise the Lord.
This was a very special experience and I meditated about it in my heart giving glory to the Lord.

I am in Kenya now and the young lady has called me to say that many of the women had communicated with her to say that they are now pregnant. With God all things are possible. I long to get back to Punjab next year to see the wonderful miracles, the beautiful little babies. All glory and honor to the King of kings and the Lord of lords.

I fly out of Kenya on the 19th and I arrive home in Quarryville on the 20th. Please keep me in your prayers. I will be sending you pictures after my arrival in the USA. Thank you so much for being with me in this journey.

Love you all.

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