Saturday, March 19, 2011

Back home to my family and friends !

Away from home for three months and the days flew by. I look back and God has favored me so much in this trip and He has remained faithful. I have been to the poorest and most unhygienic places and the blood of Jesus kept me safe from any sickness or disease. In places with problems of insecurity He watched over me. All glory to the Lord.

Yesterday, the 18th of March was a very interesting and fulfilling day in the city of Nairobi. One of my Hindu friends visited me and we spend about three hours together. He had so many questions - we sat at the lobby of the hotel. Interesting questions that needed attention and answers.
1. My contract ends in April and I need to get another job. What can I do - should I get back to India ?
2. I want to get married, but I have no girlfriends ? I don't know how to make friends ?( he is now 32years old).
3. There were some people who hurt me years back - I want to take revenge on them. I am angry with them. Is that okay ? Is that a sin ?
4. I have sexual feelings - Is it okay for me to get involved with a girl out there ?
5. If I don't get married and I have those feelings, can I have sex with anybody to satisfy my feelings ?
6. Is anything wrong - is it a sin to watch porn on the internet ?
7. If I get married, is anything wrong for me to watch porn on the internet ? I am married then !!
8. If I pray to Jesus will He hear me ? I have many needs and I don't have any peace.
9. Have you seen Jesus in your life ?
10. I want to pray to Krishna and to Jesus - I will give Krishna about 20 minutes and a few minutes to Jesus everyday. It is better for me to pray to more gods because somebody will hear me. What is wrong with that - ?
11. Your friend in the wheelchair with the crippled legs - he is always so happy - is it because of Jesus ? How can that happen ?

He had a lot of questions ?

After I spoke with him and explained matters, he finally tells me - please pray for me. He was on his knees and with all sincerity he accepted the prayers and Jesus. He then told me that he felt a peace in his heart. He went away so happy and satisfied having heard all the answers. I did advice him to keep himself pure. Sex outside marriage was sin and God hated it. I told him that porn manipulated the mind and he would lack concentration in his work, and loose purpose in life.  If he got married  and got into the habit of watching porn, his marriage would be a disaster !
You cannot pray to several gods because you CANNOT serve two masters. He stood amazed at the answers and suggestions I had given him. There was no way he could challenge the truths in the Bible.
Yes I asked God to bring a woman into his life to be his wife; I also gave him suggestions on how to approach a lady and win her over and to be good friends; and on how to behave with the opposite sex.  It was all an interesting talk and I enjoyed my time with him. All glory to the Lord.

In the evening I was invited by one of our Islamic converts for dinner. She had prepared an elaborate dinner with salads and there was ice-cream and cake. Before dinner I spend about two hours with her giving her counsel from the Word of God. She has been enriched in the presence of God. While at dinner I called up my wife Mercy to talk to her. It was such a joy.

Well, in the next few hours I will be at the Jomo Kenyatta International airport in Nairobi for my flight. I have missed my family and my friends for a long time. I have missed my church Shiloh.  I will be communicating with you after my arrival and it may take about two weeks before I actually do anything. Just worn out - all my muscles aching - my eyes kind of sleepy - hot flashes (wonder if this is normal for a man !!) all over my body ! BUT I am very thankful to the Lord and I am so happy that God was glorified in all that was done in the past three months. I am coming home as a victorious soldier from the battleground. Thank you for praying, and thank you for loving me. Jesus is Lord indeed.

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